Why You Should And Should Not Buy Your Children A Cell Phone

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Cell phones are essential nowadays. Everyone has it, even children, and although it is a trend, some parents think twice about getting his or her children a cell phone. They believe that their kids will be left out in school if they are the only ones who do not have it. They are pressured to give in to the standards of the society, and the children likewise, feel the need to follow the trend and fit in.


First, Let’s Find Out The Use Of Cell Phones Or Devices To Our Children:

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  1. It’s a form of communication. In some way, cell phones can help us locate our children. For instance, they went to a classmate’s house to do a project, but it’s already late, and you don’t know whom to call. Having a cell phone is critical in this kind of situation, It creates a way for us to contact our kids and lessen our worries.


  1. The kids can access educational applications which are helpful in developing their skills such as motor skills, problem-solving skills, comprehension, critical thinking, and more.


  1. They learn things from videos, especially from DIYs. If they love to create or build stuff, the internet is helpful as it provides an extensive source of


  1. The kids can communicate with their classmates and teachers as well. They get updated about school activities and others.


  1. They learn how to be responsible and organized. Children get to do things on their own, like researching for homework, or figuring out how to go about moving a schedule for a PE class rehearsal.


Now, These Are The Disadvantages Of Cell Phones To Our Kids Or Teens:

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  1. They get to keep secrets that somehow parents should still have knowledge about such as friends who are trying to persuade them to try illegal stuff like drinking, smoking, or drugs. Typically, your kids wouldn’t let you know this, and it is crucial that they know what to do when these types of friends approach them.


  1. They might experience bullying without your knowledge. Cyberbullying is rampant, and the number of teenage suicide is rising because of this. The only way they can experience, which is mentally tormenting, is through owning a device. Dr. Jeff Nalin, Licensed Clinical Psychologist said, “Social media allows teenagers to communicate with all of their friends at the touch of a button, and this ability takes bullying to a new level.”


  1. Owning a cell phone is harmful to our children’s health, especially the eyes. Spending too much time on it affects their brains. It is still a debate if cell phone radiation is related to cancer.


  1. Influence through the use of the internet is very powerful, and as parents, you could only wish it is for the better, but based on today’s society, some specific issues and trends can be disagreeable to most parents like the way people dress or how they think about politics or religion. “The stuff kids can access in cyberspace can be dangerous,” says Barton Goldsmith, Ph.D., LMFT


  1. It lessens their bonding time with the rest of the family. Children may lose interest in family activities such as playing board games or watching movies together (read further here: FamilyHype). They might find it more compelling to watch their favorite Youtuber.


Sandi Lindgren PCC, LICSW advises parents to “limit screen time for younger teens; show interest in them, their ideas, opinions, dreams; engage teens in conversations about choices, relationships, and future plans; and provide opportunities for them to explore their own point of view through conversation without judgment.” In the end, it is the discretion of the parents whether their children should own a cell phone. If they are worried about the cons of owning one, they can opt to buy an old-school cell phone which doesn’t have access to the internet and can only be used for communication without the social media or the internet.