The 2019 Children Welfare Conference served as an avenue for child welfare leaders, members of the research and evaluation community, and their stakeholders. The meeting held critical dialogues on leveraging data to strengthen family bonds and promote children’s well-being. One memorable takeaway from this conference was the benefits of family bonding on your child’s growth.


Family bonding is the time given for the family to enjoy each other’s company meaningfully. The family may engage in activities or interact with one another for a fun project. It is believed that spending time with your children will help benefit them in several ways. Here are five benefits of family bonding on your child’s growth.

Communication Within The Family Improves
Parents face a lack of understanding and the untrustworthiness of their children. As much as possible, you’d want them to be open and share their problems. Family bonding opens the window to eliminate this frustration.

Reinforces Mutual Bond And Respect


Disrespectful behavior can be unhealthy in any family setting. It is crucial to impart the value of mutual bond and respect. Most of us vent out in an inappropriate manner, which may damage our relationship with the other person. Instead, family bonding may help each other release their stress and better understand each other.

Instills Family Values
Families that conduct regular family bonding activities have come to raise well-mannered and kind children. These children are more open to engaging in doing good deeds and helping other people. Aside from value, children can embrace their parent’s affection during these activities.

Helps Develop Social Skills And Decision-Making Skills


Children who participate in family activities with their parents are bound to pick up social and decision-making skills. They may work on a puzzle with the guidance of their parent. Having a supportive environment helps encourage self-confidence and the opportunity to grow both socially and intellectually.

Opportunity To Work Towards A Common Goal
During family activities, you work towards a common goal. Being able to work together on a project helps improve your understanding of each other. It also opens the possibility of having your children work with each other in the future. This bond helps strengthen the love within the family.

Dedicating time for family activities bears excellent benefits, especially for the kids. Apart from being able to spend time together, it also develops valuable life skills.