Terms of Use


Terms and Use

Before your continued use of the website, you agree that you have read these terms and
conditions. These terms apply to all users who wish to access the services available on this
website. You may continue to view and use the available services upon agreement of the site
with these terms. However, if you do not agree with any of these terms, your access to the
services will be void.
The company reserves the right at its sole discretion to alter or edit these terms without prior
notice. Change in any of our material will be determined on the company’s own decision.
However, should any change which shall constitute a long-term effect take place, a prior notice
of at least two (2) weeks will be given.
Copyright and Trademarks
The content of the website in the form of trademarks, services, and other forms of intellectual
property will stay as an exclusive property of the company. Legal action will take place upon the
unauthorized access, distribution, and modification of any portion of the company’s website
without written consent addressed to the company.
The company reserves its right to suspend, block, and remove your access to the available
services granted by the company. These actions may take place without prior notice upon
breach of the agreement. Further, the company does not limit these actions for any reason.
The company and any of its constituents will remain unharmed to any damage, claims, debt,
losses, and liabilities for your continued use of the company’s services and the breaching of the
stated terms.
Limitation of Liabilities
The company, in any event, will not be held liable for any incidental, indirect, or consequential
damages due to (i) your access to the services available on this website, (ii) any form of
misconduct created by a third party; and (iii) any access, modification or use of the content for any
particular service in any portion of this website.
These laws shall follow and be structured in accordance with the laws of the USA. However, the
limitations listed above may not apply to you in some states.
Contacting Us
Please contact us through email for any questions regarding these terms.