Parenting A Soon-To-Be Parent


Time drifts so fast. One minute, she is a child, and the other minute, she is going to be a mom. No matter how old or ready our children are when it comes to having their own family, they will always be our baby, and we will still be their parents who meddle and intrude but most importantly their parents who care.

Between parents, a mother is always active and knowledgeable regarding pregnancy and taking care of a baby. She always seems to know the right thing to do and the right thing to say, and naturally, it is from our mom that we know stuff about motherhood.


Reminders A Mom Gives To Her Soon-To-Be Parent Daughter:


  1. Your world will turn 360 degrees. You cannot stay in bed as you used to as you have to wake up before the sun is up. There are many things to do and prepare for the little one. It may sound tiring, but it is one of the most fulfilling feelings a parent could ever have – to give 101% for the good of her baby. It doesn’t matter if you have four or six hours of sleep, as long as your little angel is doing great. Richard Zwolinski, LMHC once said, “Learning parenting strategies before having children, or at least when they are little – not when your children are teenagers – is the truly effective option.”


  1. Although spending time with your friends is essential to your mental health, your presence is much more critical to your child, especially during infancy and childhood. Expect lesser socialization and more child interaction. Be ready for non-stop nursery rhymes which you will memorize like the back of your hand.
  1. According to Sherrie Bourg Carter Psy.D, “Clutter can play a significant role in how we feel about our homes, our workplaces, and ourselves. Messy homes and work spaces leave us feeling anxious, helpless, and overwhelmed.” But it’s okay if your house is messy just as long as it is clean and safe for the baby. You are not Wonder Woman, so it’s okay not to be one. There are things you will forget, so never fret. It is better to have a messy house than a messy head from trying to be best at everything. If you don’t know what to do first, keep in mind that your number one priority is your baby.


  1. Date nights with your husband may seem to be the most anticipated moment, but when it is about to happen, you would rather stay home and take care of your baby. Your husband may disagree with you with this. When you get caught up in this kind of dilemma, remember that you are also a wife, and so don’t forget to be one. Your husband also needs you.


  1. Don’t buy many clothes for your newborn As long as you have the necessities, you are good to go. Babies outgrow their clothes right in front of your eyes, so avoid shopping cute onesies out of excitement. You might have a closet full of unused baby clothes, or you might end up making a garage sale.

The wisdom from a mother is the most important wisdom that a soon-to-be mother could gain. You can always count on her to educate you with just the best advice there is. She loves you unconditionally more than anything else, and she knows that you will do the same to your little angel on the way. Francyne Zeltser, Psy.D. said, “what’s more important than the quantity of time you spend with your kids is the quality of the time you do have together.”