Overnight Trips

Imagine the scenario, which will be easier for some parents than others, where your kid lets you know a week ahead about a sleepover they want to visit. Lately, your kid has been good and has even promised not to take an allowance for the next two weeks if they are allowed to go. It would be a shame and break them if you said no, but you have not told your kids anything about overnight trips. You are only on a first-name basis with the parents and know nothing about them. Take a deep breath, and this article is going to tell you how to handle the scenario with the grace of a well-prepared parent.

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Have The ‘Talk’ With the Kid

The ‘Talk’ is something that your child should be familiar with hopefully by this age but if not then here are all the points that you want to mention during the curfew talk:


*The Dangers of Strangers

Common sense will tell you rather or not that you need to instill the fear of strangers is a wise thing or not depending on your age. Make sure to clarify that it is not the mother or father of your best friend that you are talking about but the people that you both do not know such as the Uncle or Grandpa. The talk about bad touch will be up to you if you had it or not.


*Things that bump in the night

The last thing that you want is to have your children be feared of the dark, but they need to be more aware in the dark. It is not that there will always be something that is going to attack them in the dark, but the sounds that you manage to hear in the dark is twice as important.


*A Little Incentive

We have an excellent blog that speaks about setting up something that we like to call a ‘Reward System’ on this site that discusses this point in detail.

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Have The ‘Talk’ With the Parent

How you decide to do the ‘Talk’ with the parents will range from anything from face to face or over the phone, but it is the content of the conversation that matters:


*An About Me

While it is important to discuss a bit about yourself in detail, it is important to remember that this is not just about you. This is just something to start the conversation about the parent who will be watching over your child, and you need to keep your ears perk up. It is never too late to cancel any plans.


*An About My Child

This is where you are going to want to talk your mouth off because they are going to want to know everything that they can jolt down if your kid is going to be with them. Allergies, the plan, etc are all important bullet points that you want to discuss at this time.


Check Only Once

One of the hardest thing for a parent to do is sit back and wonder how that first overnight trip will work out. Try to keep yourself distracted with anything as long as possible as this will be a good time to do some hobby work or just catching on your favourite shows. Think about how many hours are needed to watch all of the Games Of Thrones! Let’s say that the silences get too bad or you miss your kid as you check in an empty bed. This should be the only time that you should think to call on the parents and remember all you need to do this is once. Maybe before you call it would be best to make a list of things that want to ask the parent and to get your listening ears on. The last thing that you should want is for your call to be dreaded because who would want to have their ears talked off in the middle of the night? These short terms things will always combat with the long term.

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After that first call then there is nothing else that you need to do because you had a detailed conversation with the parent. Just wait until that plans that to unfurl and try to retrieve things to the norm when your kid arrives. A bit of parental advice, take an interest in the sleepover. It is not hovering, but it shows that you care about the life of your kid and trust me your child will always remember the small stuff. Do this to all aspects of your son life, and when it comes time to care then they will think that you do!