Issues In The Family People Often Ignore (Part II)


The discussion of how family members ignore some of the fundamental problems inside the house continues. In the previous article, there is an emphasis on authority over significant contribution in the household. There is also the kids’ entitlement due to parents’ incompetence. There is a lack of communication that limits people to understand each other. And there is the inclusion of not getting any boundaries and restrictions to personal space. Though those seem a lot, there is still more from where the issue comes from. Without further ado, here is the stuff that might complete the list.

Nobody Cares Because They Are Too Busy

One family issue that often gets away is the fact that all members of the family appear busy doing their stuff. With regards to allowing boundaries and personal space, this issue somehow adapts to the cause of the whole misunderstanding. There is too much consideration going on in the household that permits everybody not to communicate and spend time with each other. A lot of people picture this as a valid scenario that requires no amount of attention. However, what they do not know is the less time each member of the family share with each other, the less they become one unit. That is why Francyne Zeltser, Psy.D. keeps on reminding everyone that “what’s more important than the quantity of time you spend with your kids is the quality of the time you do have together.”

No One Appreciates Small Contributions In The House

Everyone will agree that there are times family members often feel unappreciated in spite of their contribution to the house. The frequently particular targets of this issue are the kids. Jaclyn Shlisky, Psy.D., says, “Each child learns and grows at his or her own pace.” Sometimes they feel a little off because there are parents who do not value their house involvement. That when do comply and complete the task, they get more complaints instead of being appreciated. Well, not all parents are like that. However, all the kids feel that way.


Parents Do Not Acknowledge Their Flaws

One significant family issue that tends to get ignored in the house is the parents’ flaws. According to Christine Hammond, MS, LMHC “For the most part, the parents are on the right track with firm boundaries, negative consequences for poor choices, positive rewards, and looking at the motivation behind the behavior. These elements are essential to intentional parenting yet it is not enough. Instead, the small changes sometimes make the biggest impact.” Since these individuals believe they are in authority to make every decision in the house, they are sometimes not open to criticism and suggestion. They think that they are the people who have control over things inside the house. Therefore, they have the right not to acknowledge their flaws. It creates an issue in the family because some appears blinded to what is emotionally and mentally wrong in the family.

Family Members Do Not Respect Each Other

It frustrates a lot of individuals when they do not receive the respect they need from someone. Same goes for the individuals living inside the same roof. Parents and children often argue about their rights inside the house. However, no one wants to look at each member’s role inside the unit. Instead of motivating and encouraging one another, they tore and ripped each other into pieces. There are too much emotional neglect and isolation.


No family is perfect, and that is a fact. But what makes it more difficult is not addressing issues inside the house. Members must take a step back and evaluate what their family means to them.