How To Turn Staying At Home Into A Positive Experience For Your Kids

Most of us haven’t been at home for as long as the coronavirus pandemic has made us experience. As social beings, this results in anxiety and stress. You may not notice it, but your kids are also negatively affected by the quarantine. But that doesn’t have to be the case. You can turn things around and make stay-at-home a positive experience for your kids with these tips!

Model Positivity


Your kids feel it when you worry. So, your anxiousness can double their anxiety and make the situation worse for them. The first step you can take to turn staying at home a positive experience for your kids is to model positivity. 

Bryan Robinson, Ph. D. shares, “Optimism is some of the best medicines to thrive during COVID-19 quarantine, no matter how dire the circumstances. You don’t possess some magical joy juice. And you don’t have to become a smiley-face romantic with your head in the sand or look through rose-colored glasses.” Don’t let your children mimic your worry; show them something positive amid this uncertainty, like getting to spend more time with you and having fun while at home.

Practice Gratitude

While you’re modeling positivity, practice gratitude with them, look for something to be thankful for. You and your kids may talk about these small things over food, or through post-it notes on your refrigerator door. Look for a fun way to introduce gratitude in your daily routine and notice how fast it will change your home’s mood.

Bond With Them


Before this pandemic happened, you probably were the hardworking parent who does everything for their family. However, your kids, especially younger ones, may not see it that way because they get to spend lesser time with you because of your work. This fact is further proven by reports that show that some kids are happier these days. Make their happiness extra special by doing relaxing activities together. Like at-home-spa, maybe?

Learn Something New

Now that you’re spending more time with your children, why not learn something together? You and your kids may start learning a second or third language; there are many free language apps online. Or why not try baking together? Find something that you and your child can enjoy and have a new skill to show off when you meet with friends again.

Read Books


Besides bonding and learning a new skill, find some time to read books with your kids too. School may have stopped, but learning continues. You may ask their previous reading teachers what they can recommend, or you and your kid can find books about topics that you like. Do not limit what they can read to books that you think are good for them; let them read comic books. Although, we still suggest some parental control over content that may be too mature for your kids.

Dedicate An Art Time

Modeling positivity and practicing gratitude with your children helps them alleviate their worries. But they may still feel anxious, especially with how much negative news there is online and on television. To help them rid of this anxiety and stress, you can do art with them!

There are more benefits to doing art with your kids than developing their inner Picasso. It can be a great stress reliever. Furthermore, art also affect your young one’s fine motor skills, cognition, mathematical abilities, and language skills! Pinterest is an excellent place to look for craft ideas and DIY projects to try with your children.

Keep Them Social


This coronavirus pandemic has us staying at home, physically distancing from our friends, and loved ones. As much as it puts a toll on you, it does so too for your kids. So, to keep the quarantine from being a bad experience for your kids, help them connect with their friends now and then. If they’re too young to use social media, use your own account to contact their buddies. The practice of physical distancing does not need to affect your child’s social life, right?


Lastly, find time to exercise together! This pandemic has made all of us cooped at home, affecting our physical health. So, stay healthy and reduce anxiety by doing physical activities. YouTube has tons of exercise videos that you and your kids can follow. Find the best physical activity for you and your children and have fun while staying healthy.

This quarantine has made a massive impact on our lives, pulling us from our regular routines. But it must not only affect us negatively. Turn things around and stay positive with your children while at home!