Online Teen Counseling



Nowadays, there are several other options to choose from to address the problems concerning our youth. With technology today, there is no limit as to what we can do. With just a single device with access to the internet, we can do most things that we need online. There are many services we can avail of, and one of them is teen counseling for our children who are undergoing challenges or having illness whether it is physical or psychological.

Why Is Online Counseling Relevant To Our Youth Nowadays?

  • Technology



Online teen counseling is trending. But of course, “This kind of effort takes a fair amount of commitment and understanding of the online world.” John M. Grohol, Psy.D. said. A lot of people are showing more interest in seeking help from online therapists rather than finding someone they can see personally. It is relatable to our teens today because the use of cellular phones and computers is the thing. We have to admit that these gadgets are more than just luxuries but a necessity.

There is a certain feeling of security to our youth when they are using these devices. It makes them feel that help is just one call away. You can even leave them anywhere with just their phone, and they wouldn’t mind. That’s why having an online therapist is all familiar to them because it’s just like talking to their best friends on the phone.

  • Sensational

Since online teen counseling is beginning to be a thing, more and more people are trusting it. Parents prefer it to help their teens cope up with their difficulties not just because it is relevant, but because they believe in the credibility of online teen counseling in aiding the condition of their teens. But Tanisha Ranger, PsyD reminds everyone that “If a person is actually in need of therapy, these can be a great supplement, but they cannot take the place of engaging with someone who can offer individualized interpretations and insights that an app cannot provide.”

Some parents believe that the youth today should be approached with something they’d be able to understand and appreciate more. With online counseling being virtual and all, it gives our children a sense of adventure. 

  • Convenient

Our world is becoming more and more dangerous for our children as there are numerous crimes we hear on the news involving them such as kidnapping, rape, and murder. As parents, we must give them protection from all these evil acts.

When counseling is necessary for our children to be better, we now have a choice to do it online. It will take away our worry of having them taken away or whatnot. They can do the sessions without having to travel to go to a therapist.

  • Anonymity

In online counseling, we have the relief of becoming anonymous. One of the problems of youth is overcoming the fear of being neglected. They are often hesitant to have new friends or to open up their feelings especially to strangers. Sal Raichbach, PsyD LCSW explains that “The apps also allow for privacy and confidentiality and can be a safe space for individuals who may be too ashamed to admit their mental health issues in person or who may feel that they will be negatively labeled or stigmatized by others.”

Online counseling is relevant to our youth because it gives them the freedom to be whoever they want to be regardless of how they look.

  • Control

One of the reasons why teens are defiant is because they want to have control over their lives. If at present, they are suffering from mental health issues, the more they need to undergo treatment including therapies.

Online counseling provides the youth authority over their preferred time and place. They have the power of choosing whenever and wherever they are available.


The young generation today has all the advantages it needs when it comes to getting all the help. Online counseling is one of the benefits our technology can give. It has provided us with the convenience to solve our psychological issues, making it easier for us to obtain mental wellness.