Fathers And Mothers: Your Children Need You Both 

Home is where children first learn between right from wrong. It is where they prepare to be responsible adults, and it is vital that both parents agree on how they discipline their children. Both mom and dad should talk over the house rules and other issues concerning the wellbeing of their kids. 


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Mothers can be a little gentler when it comes to the kids. They tend to understand and give importance to the feelings of their kids while fathers, on the other hand, are strict. They seem to be goal-oriented and more focused on the outcome, and sometimes, the feelings are out of the question. For them, it is more about the results, and everything in between is just a phase. 


Father As A Parent 


Fathers are naturally disciplinarian. They project conviction when it comes to decisions. It’s a yes or a no or a stop or a go. They dream big for their children, and they implement all the necessary steps to achieve those goals. Nevertheless, fathers love their kids immeasurably, and it is because of that that they are strong. Somehow, the dominant character of a dad is vital in raising children with conviction and determination. Ruby Natale PhD, PsyD explains, “Many people use the same tactics their own parents used, and a lot of times that meant using really harsh discipline.” Well, most fathers do.

Mother As A Parent 



Mothers are more affectionate and considerate. They know what their kids need, but when it comes down to discipline and their children’s emotions, they would not think twice about letting a mistake slide and say, “Just don’t do it again.” Sometimes, mothers believe that this world is already cruel as it is, and they need someone to remind them of the kindness and compassion in it. “Getting angry, becoming emotional, crying, laying guilt trips, or even nervously laughing are all inappropriate emotions during discipline.” reminds Christine Hammond, MS, LMHC.



Father As The Provider 


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Traditionally, fathers are the provider in the family. They must make sure that their family is living a comfortable life, their kids are going to a reputable school, or their family has a decent meal on the table. Their minds are designed to focus on a goal, and that is to secure the future of his children. 


Mother As The Housekeeper 


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A house is not a home that’s why it is more appropriate to call mothers as “home keepers.” They are responsible for ensuring that all the members of the family are living in harmony. How do you do that? By making sure that everyone meets their needs equally. The mother strives to keep the communication within the family healthy by making sure the father understands his children and vice versa. 



Father As The Protector 


Fathers are confident, and no matter how their body built is, they are a symbol of protection and safety for the whole family. Whenever the kids are in trouble, it is natural that they ask help from their dad. They assure the kids that no one can harm them as long they are around. 


Mother As The Protector 


Yes, mothers are protectors, too. They protect the feelings of their children even when they have to compromise their values. You may have heard about “white lies” or the lies that are not grievous and do not create a significant impact on a situation but are still not the truth. They are spoken to avoid a more complicated situation from telling otherwise. Mothers are prone to this kind of situation that’s why they are considered selfless. 


“When children see their parents in a healthy parenting partnership, they are able to focus on their own thoughts, feelings, and behaviors without the distraction of the parents’ interpersonal struggles.” Lexi Shuman, LMHC said. The role of both mother and father are vital to the development of a child. It is through them that children learn and grow into an identity uniquely based on the upbringing and influence of their parents. Both guide and help children achieve their optimum wellness to be someone and something that they wish to be.