Family Issues: Signs Your Parents Are Hurting You Emotionally And Mentally

When battling with mental and emotional issues, you must have a reliable support system. That is why you need to have your family by your side. However, it can be difficult when the people who should take care and support you are causing your instability. If you feel that your parents are causing you anxiety, stress, and depression, there is an underlying problem. Here are some of the signs that you can tell your parents are to blame for the trauma you are trying to undo.


They Do Not Listen To You

One of the reasons why you may be suffering from an emotional and mental issue is when your parents don’t try to listen. Usually, it becomes visible when they make decisions for you without even considering how you feel. Your parents only care about what they want because they believe they know what is best for you. With that, you end up sacrificing your happiness only to please them. They think they are entitled to force you to walk on their chosen path, such as in your career, relationship, and whole life. You don’t have the freedom to say yes or no.

They Put A Lot Of Pressure On You

Your parents can make you feel unhappy and depressed by putting too much pressure on you. They try and make you live up to their unrealistic expectations. Because of this, you are forced to put their happiness above yours.  Usually, your parents do this because they want you to achieve the things they once thought they could have. It is a behavior that represents their frustrations in life. In unfortunate instances, it makes you feel disconnected from your desires and ambitions, which somehow spiral into having a dysfunctional emotional ability. Thus you always end up feeling mentally and emotionally exhausted around them.


Their Presence Overwhelms You

When you feel uncomfortable and tense around your parents, perhaps there is something emotionally wrong. When you always feel alone, even if you are with them, it means there is a barrier that sets you apart. If their actions are too harsh and inconsiderate, which makes you want to isolate yourself, it means they are toxic. These unfortunate situations can bring trouble in your ability to control your emotions, which can have a damaging effect on your social and romantic relationships. Thus, it can make you break down, and it can easily upset you.

They Are Emotionally Unavailable

Your parents are hurting you mentally and emotionally when they act cold and distant towards you. It is when you feel that you can’t connect with them. Often, you find it hard to show vulnerability because they somehow do not care about your feelings. Most of the time, they think that your frustrations are less of a concern. They never show empathy and frequently tell you to quit acting like a child. It is problematic because this type of treatment often leads to a hard time maintaining a relationship as you grow older. In worst cases, this can become normal to you too, and soon you will end up adapting to it.


They Are Abusive

Parental abuse can have a lot of damaging effects in your life, whether physical, emotional, and mental. Their abusive behavior can traumatize you since it can last for a long time. Their repeated ways of intimidating and threatening you put your mental health at risk. In some unfortunate cases, you develop a mental illness because of that. The worst part, your parents will contribute to making it so much harder for you to recover. Abusive parents do not make an effort to educate themselves in the danger of violence. Thus, it will become impossible to instantly heal emotionally and mentally, especially when they are around.

They Compare You To Others

It is usual for parents to admire the likes of other talented kids. That explains why they somehow like you to become the best in everything. But when they continuously compare you and feel disappointed when you never reached the desired goal they want for you, it means they are unfair. Soon the behavior leads to an unappreciative behavior. They will end up complaining more about the things you can’t do. In some unfortunate cases, they will force you to become somebody else because they will become too attached to perfection. This behavior ends up with you doubting yourself and losing all the confidence you have.


Honestly, it is okay to admit that you somehow feel that you don’t want to be around your parents. That is if they bring along negative vibes in your life. It is your responsibility to take care of yourself. Thus, it would be best if you always chose to put your emotional and mental health first before anything else.

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